Grown Alchemist is built on a profound understanding of the connection
between the health inside your body and the story told through your skin.
And by creating health in the body through repairing and restoring cellular
function, revealing your biological beauty. Function = Beauty.

Their products work in synchronicity with the skin:
restoring skin function, detoxing the dermis, then activating skin function
using the latest natural cell-communicating ingredients including Neuro-
Peptides, Tetra-Peptides, Tocotrienols, and advance Hygroscopic actives.
Grown Alchemist has understood the importance of using active, natural
ingredients in skincare as well as nutricosmetics and advanced treatments,
in order to stimulate the biological functions that support healthy skin. As a
brand, Grown Alchemist have formulated beauty solutions that serve their
audience from a functional AND ethical perspective, tied together with
premium recyclable packaging that elevates their brand into a luxurious

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