Once upon a time...
Existed a story of love and friendship that lasted 40 years between
Christiane, Yves and Desmond, three transdisciplinary creators from the
worlds of architecture, theatre and painting.
Once upon a time, there were three multiskilled idealists, three free and
cultivated poets, three aesthetes and artists, who where united by their
taste for travel and great civilizations, and a shared sense of beauty.
Once upon a time, three “marchands de rien” (purveyors of trifles) sold only
what they loved, what they discovered, redecorated and repurposed in the
course of their inspired travels.
Once upon a time, there were decorative items, scented candles and the
perfumes – because, ultimately, smells, more than any element, serve as
bearers of memory to inspire, and encourage the imagination to wander.

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